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From the desk of Robert Irwin

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated that your sex life is not everything that you dreamed it would be?

Do you secretly wish for more passion, variety and frequency of the sex in your marriage?

Have you started to believe that it's too late for you and your spouse to know what it is like to experience 'real, exciting' sex?

Do either of you struggle with low sex desire? Has it been a long time since anything truly amazing happened in your bedroom?

If so, this could be the most important letter you ever read...

Please don't settle for a life of sexual and marital desperation...take a few minutes to read our story and discover how you can bring more frequency, variety and fulfillment to your married sex...starting tonight...

ex was created by God to be an exciting, intense and frequent part of every Christian marriage.

But, for many Christian Couples, this is far from their reality.

I know...

Until I was almost forty years old, that was not my reality.

In fact, my wife had never had an orgasm during intercourse.

Although, she was always "willing" to participate, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was only doing it for me - she was not truly that interested in sex.

This caused me no end of frustration, disappointment and lack of self esteem. When you are a husband, it really hurts when you feel that you can't sexually satisfy your feel like less than a man! No matter how many times she said, "it's okay," it didn't matter. I knew that it wasn't. I sometimes worried that, ultimately, she might leave me for another man.

So, after almost thirteen years of marriage, I finally decided to do something about my frustration. I spent an entire year discovering how to make our sex life better.

These Secrets Made The Sex In My Marriage Everything
That I Had Ever Hoped And Dreamed That It Could Be...
And They Will Do The Same For You...

I have a backround in medical and scientific areas and I applied this experience to researching sexual performance and pleasure as if my life depended upon it. I certainly felt as if my marriage did...

I collected and devoured all of the available sexual performance and pleasure resources. I bought every single book in the "sex life" section of my local book stores. I ordered research papers over the Internet. I spent thousands of dollars on therapists and counselors.

But as much as I want to please my wife, I also want to please God. So, I also spent quite a bit of time with Pastors and other Christians that specialized in the sexual area of marriage.

I had the Song Of Solomon practically memorized.

My bookshelves were lined with books, manuals and medical journals.

These became practically unreadable they were so covered with underlines and highlights.

Over the course of that year, my wife and I tried hundreds of techniques, products and devices that might have the potential to improve our sex life.

I compiled all of the best, most effective techniques and secrets into several thick binders filled with notes.

So overcome with pleasure... she cried.

And then...

For the first time, my wife had an orgasm during intercourse! She was so overcome with pleasure and joy that she... cried! She told me that she had never imagined that pleasure could be so... overwhelming.

Until I discovered the amazing secrets of sexually skilled husbands, I had thought that her lack of interest in sex was her fault...meanwhile, her lack of sexual interest was really my was caused by my lack of sexual skill!

This was just the beginning of a journey that has led us, finally, to sexual pleasure and fulfillment greater than I imagined possible and I am now sharing what I discovered so that you can experience...

Sexual sensations that are intense, frequent and spiritual...including orgasms that are so overwhelming that you will both be amazed that such pleasure exists in this world...

If this is what you desire, my book, Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband, is the solution.

I wrote this book after overcoming my own frustrations with my sexual skills and performance because I wanted to help other Christian men to experience sex and God intended...full of passion, joy and pleasure. It is written specifically for Christian husbands - to show them how to make the sex in their marriages a relationship strength instead of a glaring relationship weakness.

I poured my heart and soul into creating this book for you. It took (now) years of research and thousands of dollars to create this one-of-a-kind book just for Christian men. 

Although there are many other "sex advice" books available , I believe that you will find this book to be exactly what you are looking for because...

Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband is unique... it is both Scripturally and "technically" sound.

You won't find anything in this book that is pornographic or vulgar. But, you can be assured that it is packed with the latest research, tips, techniques and secrets to allow you to...

Shows You How To Have Sex As God Intended For You And Your Wife...With Intensely Pleasurable Sexual Sensations And "Soul Bonding," Experiences That Can Only Be Found Within The Christian Marriage Bed...

Although this book was written from my personal experiences, it is based upon the latest sexual performance and pleasure research. I consulted the experts in these fields and have received rave reviews for its powerful, yet simple, secrets.

Who Am I And Why Should
You Listen To Me?

My name is Robert Irwin. And, for the last eleven years, I have been helping Christian married couples to bring back the passion and intensity to their sex lives.

Many have referred to my work as "a breakthrough in Christian sexuality."

Most just call me "that Christian sex guy."

My books, seminars and articles have been featured, nationally, in both Christian and secular media.

The men's magazine, Details, recognized me as a premier Christian sexuality resource.

I was asked to discuss these secrets on the Discovery Health Channel's show, "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew" and the BBC's "Channel Four."

If you would like to hear one of Robert's recent media interviews that he did with Danny Fontana on the Inspiration Network, click here.

I am the author (or co-author) of four of the Internet's most popular Christian sex guides: Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband, Sexual Satisfaction For The Christian Wife, When Your Husband Is Never In The Mood and 101 Creative Ideas For Love Making.

Thousands of Christian couples have reported how my work has improved their marriages and sex lives.

When the media is looking for information about positive (and passionate) Christian sex...I'm their "go to guy." can relax and know that your sex life is in good hands with my advice.

Enough about me.

Before you can begin your journey towards an amazing sex life, you need to stop buying into The Three Most Damaging Myths About Christian Sex.

Do you believe any of the following?

The 3 Most Damaging Myths About 'Christian Sex'

Myth 1: Sex Isn't As Important In A Christian Marriage

Did you realize that the divorce rate among Christian married couples is exactly the same as that of non-Christian couples?

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers presented a study of the major reasons for the failure of marriages. They ranked "failed expectations or unmet needs" as the most important cause of divorce.

And, in my experience those "failed expectations and unmet needs are usually in the bedroom.

In my research for this book, I consulted pastors and Christian counselors and read EVERY Scripture that dealt with sex.

And you know what?

Sex in a Christian marriage is MORE important than in a non-Christian marriage!

In this book, you'll discover why this is...and how to bring back the sex to your Christian marriage.

Myth 2: Good Christians Don't Have Exciting Sex

I'll address this idea first with one of my favorite C. S. Lewis quotes...

"Christianity is almost the only one of the great religions which thoroughly approves of the body - which believes that matter is good, that God Himself once took on a human body, that some kind of body is going to be given to us even in Heaven and is going to be an essential part of our happiness, our beauty, and our energy...Christianity has glorified marriage more than any other religion: and nearly all the greatest love poetry in the world has been produced by Christians. If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once..."

Christians have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to sex and sexuality.

Within popular culture, Christians are portrayed as either sexually repressed or sexually deviant hypocrites.

This is predictable- Jesus told us that the world would not understand us (actually, he said it would hate us) because of Him.

So, this wouldn't be a problem, if we did not sometimes (unconsciously or consciously) accept these false ideas, as well.

It is understandable. Many of the "authorities" to which we seek guidance have, at times, given us incorrect information regarding Christian sexuality and its relationship to pleasing God (holiness).

These false ideas can have particularly strong negative effects on Christian women.

Many times, we have heard Christians express their confusion with this topic in the following ways:

"How can I be pleasing to God and be a sensual, sexual, person?"

"I can not imagine that being that passionate is very Christian-like..."

"My spouse would never respect me if I did that..."

Within Christianity, as explained by C. S. Lewis above, there is no struggle between holiness and sexuality (within marriage).

The idea that we are to avoid physical pleasure to achieve spiritual holiness is not a Christian concept.

It was proposed by the philosopher Plato and it is where we get the term "platonic." Followers of this "platonic" philosophy look at the physical world, including sexuality, as lesser "shadows" of the better, "spiritual" things. It pitted the physical and spiritual against each other. To pursue one was, by definition, to lose the other.

Unfortunately, this idea has, at times, found its way into the church, despite Scripture's clear message otherwise.

Within this book, you will learn what God really wants for you, sexually.

Myth 3: Women Are Less Sexually Responsive Than Men

This is one of the most common (and damaging) 'Christian sex myths.'

This myth has caused countless Christian couples to experience lifetimes of sexual disappointment.

But, once you learn THE TRUTH about female sexual response and arousal, you will not have to be one of these couples!

In this book, you will learn why, scientifically, women have 10X the sexual potential of most men.

More importantly, you will learn EXACTLY how to unleash this potential.


Why Most Sex Books Are Useless For Christian Couples...

Most secular sex books are filled with pornographic pictures and/or suggestions. More importantly, they don't factor God "into the mix." They treat sex as if it is just another bodily function...not the soul-bonding experience that God intended.

Most Christian sex books are not technical enough.

They don't understand or include the latest scientific and sexual research into their advice.

They don't provide you with the EXACT, STEP-BY-STEP techniques you really need!

You need advice that is both Scripturally sound AND 'technically' correct...this is exactly what you'll find in my book, Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband...

Our Guide

Starting tonight, you can begin to experience sexual passion, intensity and frequency greaterthan your wildest imagination.

Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to have your wife chasing you around the house for sex?

Imagine no more...because, with the sexual knowledge that you discover in this book, your married sex life will never be the same again!

Don't take my word for it...

Here’s what some experts have said about the world’s most popular sexual enhancement and marriage improvement system…

Before I Go On, Hear What Others Have Said About Christian Sex Secrets…

Here’s what some experts have said about the world’s most popular sexual enhancement and marriage improvement system…


Best selling author Michael Webb praised this resource publicly: “Highly recommended." I recently stumbled upon Robert Irwin’s book and was intrigued enough to request a copy. Most stuff I review on this topic is garbage. Either it is vulgar and unhealthy or it is very lightweight. Robert is a Christian, but no one could call him a prude…for sure. He addresses the performance issues many men face and delves deeply into ways that men can increase the satisfaction for their wives as well as themselves.” Michael Webb is a relationship expert, author and speaker that has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows including Oprah, Men are From Mars Women are From Venus, NBC News, The 700 Club, The Other Half, and FOX News.)


Matthew Paul Turner, author of the best selling books, Provocative Faith and What You Didn’t Learn From Your Parents About Sex, said, “We are discovering a deep connection through sex. This is an amazing resource. I’ve only been married for a little more than a year and this book has truly helped me see me and my wife’s sex life as a journey. Slowly but surely, we are discovering a deep connection through sex. The wisdom and research in this book has certainly been a part of that growth process.”

Here’s what some satisfied users have said about the world’s most popular sexual enhancement and marriage improvement system…

alan_culbert Will help in counseling

“I just started your book 3 hours ago and I am thrilled with this information…it will help my marriage, though we have no problems in our marriage at all. I wanted to go a step further in pleasing my Wife. As a pastor, with a Doctorate in Theology, I know it will help my relationship with my wife tremendously. It will also help in counseling. I found myself repeatedly laughing over how I share the same desires and the same ignorance towards this subject as some other men.

~Alan Culbert from Naples, Florida

matt_postene Created a desire for more intimacy

“I bought your book a couple of days ago. I have never had problems with giving my wife an orgasm in bed but you always wonder if that was it or if there is better sex. There are things that are in your book that really took me by surprise. I know that I need to change a lot of how I handle sex. But even in changing my attitude with my wife and making it fun has created more of a desire for intimacy. This is not only a course that men and women should read but it’s a book that should be taken very seriously and should be given out or bought for young couples that are just getting or just got married.”
~Matthew Postene from Miami, FL


Multiple orgasms possible soon

“Firstly, I would just like to say what an AMAZING book you have created - my husband and I have started it together and taken in it’s points. We are working together to make our sex lives better and this course is incredible I cannot thank you enough, and I agree with you that I found this website with the help of God. Both my husband and I are indebted to you! We have always had a solid marriage of 21 years, but it is always nice to improve our sex lives together! This book has helped in so many other areas of our sex lives that I know that multiple orgasms are a definite possibility soon. Once again, thank you for your brilliant course!!!!”
~Catherine Cerzone from Pittsburgh, PA


Made marriage closer than ever

“I started your book and found it truly successful. I began the exercises and just the basic advice given when making love to my wife. She was skeptical at first until after the first night and then she couldn’t wait to get the kids to bed the next night. I got them settled in and when I came back to bed she was wearing a skimpy teddy that I hadn’t seen in months. Needless to say, after just reading a couple of chapters, my wife and I can’t wait to finish the book and put into practice all of it. She said, while in tears, “I feel like we are one and closer than ever before. This is what I dreamed marriage would be.”
~Steven Dentice from Sherwood, AR

Want to see more testimonials? Click here.

And, starting tonight, you can experience similar sexual performance and satisfaction...

Just A Taste Of What You'll Discover...

  • How to banish premature ejaculation - Discover the simple, easy and fast techniques for complete control of your erections and orgasms. After discovering these natural (yet powerful) techniques, you will never again have to apologize to your least not in bed!

  • How to eliminate "quick" erections - Gain the confidence and peace of mind that you can only get from knowing that you are capable of maintaining your erections...indefinitely. Discover exactly how to determine where, when and how you orgasm...not a single second before you desire.

  • How to become a multi-orgasmic male - It is a little-known fact that most men have the ability to have multiple orgasms within a relatively short period of matter your age. I reveal the exact, step-by-step techniques that allow you to always feel "ready to go." You will never again have difficulty keeping up with your wife...orgasm after orgasm.

  • How to increase the duration of your orgasms - Did you know that the average duration of the male orgasm is less than ten seconds? When you discover the physiological secrets to increasing the duration of your orgasms, you will double or triple the duration of your orgasms. You will experience orgasms that last up to...60 seconds!

  • How to supercharge the pleasure and intensity of your orgasms - Don't settle for "ordinary" pleasure or orgasms. Experience the earth-shaking, mind-blowing and body-refreshing sensations "whole body" orgasms produce.

  • How to maximize the hardness of your erections - Nothing will make you feel more "like a man" than being able to maintain long-lasting, rock-hard erections. You will be amazed at how easily you produce rock-hard erection...and your wife will be thrilled!

  • How to increase the length of your penis - You don't need pills, creams or pumps. You do need to know the anatomical and physiological secrets that will maximize "the real length" of your penis. I don't guarantee that you will add 6 inches in length. I do guarantee you will add enough length that...she will notice!

  • How to produce a completely different and little-known type of orgasm - Some men describe this type of orgasm as more intense than any other. Most men don't realize that this type of orgasm even exists. It is your "secret weapon" for instantly increasing your sexual stamina and power to impress your wife in bed!

  • How to discover and develop the "sex muscle" that is the key to unlocking your sexual potential - If you don't already know about this "sex muscle," you are absolutely killing your chances at becoming sexually proficient. And, you are missing out on "boat loads" of sexual sensation and pleasure. You can't work on this muscle in the gym, but you will discover the step-by-step methods to strengthen this muscle... and improve your sex life...practically overnight.

  • How to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms - Why would you want to do this? These types of orgasms are more intense than ordinary (ejaculatory) orgasms. More importantly, this type orgasm will allow you to experience multiple, consecutive orgasms...while maintaining a single erection!

  • The intense pleasures of "The Male G Spot" - When you experience the intense, overwhelming and addictive sexual sensations that your "Male G Spot" provides will never again be content with average, "every day" sex. Discovering how to stimulate your "Male G Spot" will blow open the doors of your sexual possibilities!

  • How to make yourself more sexually attractive to your wife - We have interviewed thousands of Christian wives and asked them why they are (or aren't) sexually attracted to their husbands. Their answers surprised us...and will surprise you. Fortunately, you are 100% capable of taking advantage of what they told us. You do not need to be any wealthier, thinner or smarter - you do need to be willing to make a few small changes to how you approach sex and your wife.

  • How to unlock the flood gates of your wife's deepest sexual needs and desires - It may sound "politically incorrect," but men and women are different...especially when it comes to sex. When you understand your wife's deepest sexual needs and desires, you will possess the key to unleashing her sexual interest and passion. Be prepared to deal with her initiating sex!

  • How to uncover your wife's hidden sexual desires and willingness to try "new things" - You will understand the mental and emotional obstacles that are "holding her back" and you will know exactly how to overcome these obstacles. Although the "psychological triggers" I reveal are powerful... they are not manipulative, sneaky or any way. She will be doing only what she deeply desires to do, will only help her to uncover these desires.

  • Know more about her sexual pleasure than she knows - In a recent national survey, only 25% of women claimed to be sexually satisfied and fulfilled. A fundamental cause of this high level of dissatisfaction is that most women do not know even the basic science behind female sexual response and satisfaction. You will know more than she does about this science and you will help her to achieve multiple, intense orgasms and complete sexual satisfaction.

  • How to Find and stimulate her G Spot - The "G Spot" is real. It is now a scientifically accepted fact. You will discover exactly how to locate and stimulate her G-Spot. You will help her to experience "G Spot Orgasms"... a completely different type of orgasm...a deeper, more intense and "whole body" orgasm!

  • How to be an expert at oral sex - Women love to receive oral sex. Your wife will love and appreciate you in a new way when you bring her to multiple, intense orgasms... orally.

  • Discover: the #1 sexual activity that women secretly desire - There is one type of sexual activity that your wife secretly desires...but is afraid to tell you about. When you surprise her by fulfilling this desire, she will be grateful beyond words.

  • Ensure that you avoid the "Five Fundamental Mistakes of Female Stimulation" - Your wife is capable of achieving multiple orgasms during a lovemaking session. If she is not, you are making one (or more) of these mistakes. You will never again make one of these mistakes.

  • How to create the relationship and environment that will unleash her desire frequent sex - Most sexual problems have nothing to do with sex...they are relationship problems. Before you can achieve any progress in bed, you need to know how to create the type of relationship and sexual environment that will, naturally, unleash her desire for more frequent sex. You will know exactly how to create this perfect environment and you will double or triple the frequency of sex in your marriage...virtually overnight.

  • Discover "The Perfect Sex Position" that guarantees mutual and simultaneous orgasms - This is the scientifically designed, "best" position for providing her with the greatest pleasure during intercourse. This position provide both of you multiple and simultaneous orgasms during intercourse.

  • Discover what God really says about sex - When writing this book, I did not just consult with the scientific and "sexual therapy" experts. I did an exhaustive study of every single reference that Scripture makes to sex within marriage. I reveal the results of this research in this book and you will be surprised at what I found.

  • Discover what Scripture says about sexual variety - Have you ever wondered what Scripture says (or doesn't say) about certain sex acts such as oral sex, anal sex or sex toys? I reveal to you the truth about sexual variety within Christian marriage.

  • Discover the surprising fact about masturbation that most Christians (including Pastors) don't know - Most Christians (including pastors) don't know the real facts about what Scripture says about masturbation. You will discover the truth.

  • Discover why God hates "sexless marriages" - According to Scripture, the primary purpose of marriage is not to have children...the primary purpose of marriage is to provide a "God blessed" environment in which you can express your God-given sexuality. You will discover the comfort that only comes from knowing that God intended sex for your pleasure, enjoyment and fun...not just to "multiply." If you (or your wife) are making excuses for your current lack of MUST read this part of my book.

And, there is much more...

Less expensive than dinner and a movie...

Sexual enhancement drugs and supplements cost hundreds of dollars per month...

Professional counseling could cost you thousands of dollars per year...

But, you can try this powerful and unique book for only $37.00!

Wouldn't just one night of unforgettable, exhausting and soul-bonding pleasure with your wife be worth this tiny investment?

Of course it would! But, you are not investing in just one night of pleasure. You are getting the keys to...

Unlock the Vault Of A Lifetime of the Most Intense, Satisfying And Frequent Sex You've Ever Had... Sex That Leaves You Both Exhausted And Refreshed With Pleasure... And Bonds You Together Like Relationship Super Glue...

Our Guide

Here's my offer... 

Try the secrets in Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband.

Then, at your leisure, utilize its secrets to surprise and delight your wife.

Increase your sexual confidence, skill and pleasure.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with the increased amount and intensity of the sex in your marriage, just let me know and I'll promptly and courteously refund 100% of your money - with no questions asked...for an entire 60 days!

If, for any reason (or no reason at all), you decide this book hasn't doubled or tripled the intensity and frequency of the sex in your marriage...I will refund every penny you paid. Furthermore, I'll even let you keep the book (and the bonuses) for your trouble!

So, as you can see, you will be discovering a whole new level of sexual pleasure and my risk...not yours!

This book has been described as one of the most important sources of sexual performance and pleasure information for the Christian man.

Whether you are a young man...or past middle age...this proven information will help you to achieve your sexual prime.

What you have seen in this letter is only a small fraction of what you will find in this book.

Plus, to give you every possible reason to take action
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Bonus 1: She Loves God, Me...And Sex!
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    Do you sometimes wonder why your wife is never in the mood?

    This book reveals what every Christian husband must know to re-ignite his wife's sexual interest.

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Step-by-step G-Spot Tutorials

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Bonus 3: Sexy Coupons
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Even the best of us need a little help sometimes...

This unique little book will provide you with over 50 coupons to present to your spouse.

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You will receive instant access to the book and bonuses...even if it's 2:00 AM!

Wishing you passion in all,

Robert Irwin

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